Entry #2

New Promo: Weather Man

2009-01-11 21:58:55 by stakato

Long time, no see, everybody. I just submitted the latest promotional short for Calamity Street; Weather Man!

Watch It Here!

There will be one more short and then the series will kick off after that!

I hope everyone enjoys it.

New Promo: Weather Man


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2009-01-11 22:10:41

This shit is fucking awesome dude.

stakato responds:



2009-01-11 22:15:53

Instant favourite.

stakato responds:

Thank you.


2009-01-11 22:24:11


stakato responds:

Glad you enjoyed it.


2009-01-11 22:43:27

funny as hell man!

this is totally gonna get front page!

stakato responds:

i hope so, that would be awesome. thanks for the comment.


2009-01-11 23:52:18

Your stuff is too amazing. Can't wait for the upcoming series.

stakato responds:

thanks, it's on the way.


2009-01-12 00:24:47

My new top fav,

stakato responds:

wow, thanks.


2009-01-12 01:07:44

It was awesome, especially the gag about the coffee. Fav'd.

stakato responds:

i liked that bit too, thanks.


2009-01-12 03:15:47

your writing is great, the only problem is it just has too much a bit of a "family guy" feel to the voice acting.


2009-01-14 18:16:38

hurry up wit calamity street
this was fucking epic. i own ur soul until its finished.


2009-01-14 19:11:46

I lovd it!


2009-01-15 18:00:11

Why did it take so long to make this?
You didn't make anything for 9 - 10 months

stakato responds:

We were busy writing the episodes for the series. This short didn't take 9-10 months to make but I agree I should have released it earlier.


2009-01-18 19:22:07

your video kicks ass dude


2009-02-03 12:11:08

I can tell you went kinda lazy on the blood effects, but, eh, what the fuck. I still love it.


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